Laptop Failed Yesterday & Superman-Like Tech Guy Repaired It Today


wizardly computer guyIt was late last night and there I was. Tinkering away, type type type, and building on the various ecom and businesses I own. As always, I have a cup of joe sitting on my left. My legs are crossed with my laptop sitting snugging on top. And a fresh notebook and pen on my right side.

I was setup for success for my night’s work. Or so I thought…

Little did I know, that minutes from my state of Zen I’m explaining, was disaster like I’ve never experienced! Bam. All of the sudden my screen turned blue with white text. I’d never seen this before on my laptop. But I hit enter and then I tried escape. I restarted the thing. And nothing was working.

After an hour or two of fighting with my computer, I decided it was time for a tech guy. It had been years since I had talked with one and I didn’t even know who to get a hold of first. Luckily, what I didn’t have 5 years ago or whenever my last computer went kaput, was Facebook and my index of businesses. More so, the ones I’ve liked (I definitely didn’t start here this time).

I jumped over and there he was. I’m talking about Brian the Computer Repair Guy here in Missoula. Of course I wasn’t going to try contacting him by phone late last night, but I did send one, two or maybe even three emails in my drunken sleep-haze last night.

This morning I gave him a call and within an hour he was over here and working on my laptop. Wheeww. Now I’m sitting here writing on the thing again, writing this post to you. And I just wanted to say how thankful I am for his help.

What I’m reading this morning: